Scoop This: A Comprehensive Guide to for Content Curation

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By Gabriella Sannino


“Before I get deep in to the hows, wherefores and whys of curation and, I deeply feel that it’s important to touch on the what. is not just another place to drop your RSS feed. It could be, but then it’s just another content aggregator.


“Content curation, on the other hand, is much like museum curation. The objects in a museum have value, for whatever reason – historical and artistic beauty are just two I can think of off the top of my head. These objects are carefully displayed, carefully picked over – less than half of what comes in to museums actually gets shown for public consumption.


“As a content curator, you should be treating the content you display with the same amount of exactitude. For example, if you’re starting a entitled “The Best Infographics on the Web”, not every infographic will do (some infographics really are horrible, I’m sorry to say). If you’re curating the topic of content strategy, like we are, you don’t want to have miscategorized articles cropping up about journaling.”

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